Small, daily habits are unparalleled predictors of long-term outcomes. What we do today determines what we achieve tomorrow. This is true for individuals and organizations. Yet people often find themselves at the mercy of habit, stuck in routines that yield unwanted results. What might they achieve if instead, they were the master of their habits?

“There are no organizations or individuals without habits;
there are only those who deliberately design them and those who do not.”
– Charles Duhigg

Traditional Classroom The Power of Habit™ is a classroom course taught in-person by one of our Master Trainers or a Certified Trainer from your organization.

What is The Power of Habit™ training?

Based on the New York Times bestseller by Charles Duhigg, The Power of Habit™ Training teaches skills to identify and create the habits needed for success within your organization. The course draws on the science of habit formation to help learners recognize when they need to change, what behaviors they ought to change, and how to make desired behaviors stick.

What Does The Power of Habit™ Teach?

The course teaches how habits work and how to unlock the power to change them. Learn to:

  • Identify the habits that disproportionately impact performance, engagement, and happiness.
  • Use skill instead of will to replace limiting habits with effective habits.
  • Adapt when faced with change.
  • Create new routines that produce desired outcomes.

Who Needs The Power of Habit™ Training?

Adaptability is critical to success in our fast-paced, ever- changing world. Organizations, teams, and individuals often fail to make required—or even aspirational—changes because they are stuck in their habits. This space between knowing and doing represents a behavioral lag. And living in the lag threatens engagement, innovation, performance, productivity, health, and happiness.


About the Book

THE NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER In The Power of Habit,award-winning business reporter Charles Duhigg takes you to the
thrilling edge of scientific discoveries that explain why habits exist and how they can be changed.

“Duhigg clearly knows that people do not like,or even buy,the idea that we’re not creatures of choice.He carefully explains
each step of habit building,using science and—the best part—a slew of interesting anecdotes”
–The Seattle Times

“A first-rate book—based on an impressive mass of research,written in a lively style and providing
just the right balance of intellectual seriousness with practical advice on how to break our bad habits.”
–The Economist

Training Course Details

What is The Power of Habit™ training?

The Power of Habit Training is available in multiple ways to fit your preferred mode of learning. The course is available as a 1-day Live workshop, a 3-day Live Online workshop, and an Online version for individual learning. Each modality suits the needs of a particular type of learner. However, the same skills are taught throughout. The training incorporates video case studies and engaging exercises that encourage reflection and interaction, all in an intuitive learning experience. Participants apply insights from the course in real time to work on a habit that will improve personal and professional results.

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